Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Mt Gambier 1/6/12 to 4/6/12

We drove past a very impressive wind farm on the way to Mt Gambier and arrived with the sun shinning. It was quite hot and we ended up in our t'shirts and the boys in shorts when they were on the jumping pillow. Unfortunately the weather soon turned for the worst. Luckily we got out and about on our arrival day. We checked out the Blue Lake that is currently a greyey, greeny, bluey colour and is only turquoise blue in the month of November. Still quite impressive. It's an extinct volcanic crater which supplies the town's water.  There is also what they call sink holes around Mt Gambier.  This is where the roof of an under ground cave has collapsed.  There is one right in the centre of town.  I wouldn't have liked to have been there when it happened.  They have lovely gardens set up in them now. There were also some impressive homes built in the 1800's made from the local limestone, as there is an abundance of this (hence the area is know as the limestone coast). They still stand today. 

Random fact: every time we shop in South Australia we have to take our own bags, which is a bit of a bugger as we use them for our bin liners.  South Australia is so far ahead of Queensland. 

We watched some of our video that we have taken of our trip so far and it is a mutual decision that Doug will now be the official video taker as I have taken a lot of road and ground footage and Doug thinks I video too much anyway. I also move the camera to quickly which makes anyone watching a little sea sick. No really. But you all know I will still be in charge, I'll just let Doug thinks that he is.  

The others 2 days we were in Mt Gamier it rained so we were restricted in what we could do.  The  local library turned out to be a good rainy day activity and also the info centre that had an interactive display which takes you from before the ice age to now.  We went for a drive out to Port MacDonnell which calls itself the Southern Crayfish capital of Australia. It's only a really little  village but obviously there is good money in crayfish as there were some big impressive houses there.  We stopped at Mt Shank, an extinct volcano, on the way to Port MacDonnell as you are able to walk down into the crater. However as it was raining so we were unable to do this.   

Blue Lake (not looking blue)

This is the colour of the lake in November (ie looking blue)

Cave Garden (sink hole) in the middle of town
Interactive display at the info centre

Umpherston Sink Hole

Gardens at the bottom of the Umpherston Sink Hole

Beautiful limestone houses 

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