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Flinders Rangers 19/6/12 to 22/6/12

Cool dead tree in the middle of no where

We woke up on our third day in Burra and decided as we had seen it all and we would move on. Instead of going to Melrose SA (it was going to be raining) we headed off for the spectacular Flinders Ranges.  What a drive to get there. We drove past valleys of low green hills and a wind farm, to barren sparce open plains and finally the amazing Flinders Rangers with their undulating hills then high rocky peaks. What an eye opener. Rock formations out of this world. Nate made the comment that it was like we were in another country.  We were camped at Rawnsley Station  on the dirt beside the almost dry creek bed which looked out at the south side of Wipena Pound. We have hit the outback and I’m loving it. The boys found a tree, with a rope attached, in the creek bed.  Which was their entertainment while we were there.

We were told by reception to make sure we checked out the sunset looking out over the Chace Range . So we grabbed a bottle of red and some dip and bickies and headed off. We watched the range change colour from blue, gray, red  to red orange and pink as we enjoyed our wine.

We decided we wanted to see inside of Wipena Pound so chose the walk /climb to  Mt Ohlssen –Bagge which was a 6.4k return trip.  Pretty hard going as we had to scramble up the rocks in some parts.  Spectacular views of the ranges behind us as we made the climb.  Once we got to the top a magnificent view inside the pound itself. 

We did some four wheel driving through the gorges and plains that surrounded the Flinders Ranges. On our first drive through the gorge it was mainly dry creek beds with the ocassional water to cross over. But on our second drive through the range, which was after a lot of rain, we had some hairy moments. We actually nearly ended up sliding into a big gum tree. Doug had no control coming down a steep incline which was very muddy and wet. We just slid our way through the trees.  Oh so lucky. We also visited the townships of Blinman and Parachillna. These are very small country townships with the main focus for each being the pub which are popular with locals, tourists and general  travelers in the area. We stopped at each for a drink.

We loved the Flinders Rangers and wish we had more time to explore.
Wind farm on the way to Flinders Ranges. This went on for miles.

View from our camp site at Rawnsley Park Station camp ground

View from the lookout over Chace Range

Boys awaiting sunset and contemplating life (not really)

Sun setting over Chace Range

And it's starting to get cool

Off on our hike up Mt Ohlssen-Bagge

Picture of  picture of Wilpena Pound (cheating a little)

Planking in the Flinders Ranges, as you do

Made it to the top

And made it back; and still friends

Another picture of a picture
Emus beside the road

We finally got to have another camp fire which we enjoyed - although it was so cold we couldn't quite get close enough

And back to the swing for the boys

I recon this looks likes bums with legs

Great wall of china

Driving through the gorges at Flinders Ranges

And then out on the plains to the west of the ranges

North Blinman Hotel. No matter how hard we looked we couldn't find the South Blinman Hotel

Blinman main street. And that's pretty much all the town.  But in October every year people from all over Australia come here for the Great Camp Oven cook-off. But you probably already knew this.

Praire Hotel in Parachillna

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