Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Darwin - 07/08/12 to 10/08/12

From Litchfield it's back to Darwin to check into the Shady Glen Caravan Park, which is located a short walk from the mechanic who is to have a second go at fixing the car. As we only had the car for the first day we spent this doing our required shopping while we had a means of transportation. Dropped off the car that evening so it would be ready for mechanic to work on the first thing next morning.

We spent the next day at the caravan park, kids doing some school work, all of us reading and catching up on stuff in general. Vicki also did some washing. The hope was that the car would be ready by that afternoon. No such luck as, as things go in this part of the world, not all required parts arrived in time. So we had to stay another night.

Next day I went and collected the car and took it for a long test run out along the road to Kakadu. It performed wonderfully and showed no signs of the overheating problems. While I was doing this Vicki and the boys spent the day at the waterpark. By all reports they had a great day while I spent a few hours sitting in mechanics waiting room reading some 2006 4wd magazines, and then doing a 200km test drive. But all seems now to be back on track.

Boys at the water park. There are a number of these in Darwin and all are free - and very good.

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