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Kununurra - 13/08/12 to 18/08/12

From Lake Argyle it's a short trip of 70km into Kununurra. Short drive mean't we were in town too early to check into caravan park so we drove into town to do shopping. Appears a lot of caravanners do grocery shopping as they have car parking available for cars with caravans attached. First day we checked out the mini Bungle Bungles out the back of Kununurra. A short walk up the cliffs and you could also overlook the town. From there we headed out of town to one of the zebra rock galleries.

Next morning a check of the car has shown that our problems are still with us. Getting a little frustrated with this and want it sorted. Quick visit to local mechanic has confirmed we still have a coolant leak. After much discussion he has agreed for me to bring it in first thing next morning and he will work on it. No guarantee how long it will take - depends on what is needed to fix it. Our intention was to be in Kununurra for two nights but it looks like we will be here longer. 

After that we spent the day seeing as many as the tourist sites as possible. Went to the Sandlewood factory - they are growing Sandlewood trees in the area utilising the water they are damming from the Ord River. Unfortunately it will take around 15 years for the first crop to be ready to harvest, so its a long project. They are about 10 years along the path. Checked out the Hoochery Distillery, WA's only rum distillery. Had a tasting there but have to say the fighting juice is not to my and Vicki's liking. The distillery itself was fairly interesting. Went out to the Ivanhoe Crossing which is the old road to Wyndam. It is currently late in the dry season and water is still flowing fairly strongly across the crossing. Not sure how it would go in the wet season. Not something I would like to take on. There has been some accidents there in recent times and the crossing has now been closed for the past 12 months. Finally, we went out to another zebra rock gallery. This time we got to see an old timer, Col, actually working on the rock and making some items. He gave us a bit of a run down on how you work the rock. We bought a bag of mixed rock and the boys are now working on these looking to make there own items. You just need a knife (is this a good idea?) and some wet and dry sandpaper.

From there the next few days were spent walking into town to shop or go to the skate park, or walking around to the mechanics for an update. Boys enjoyed it as this is the most time they have had at a skate park since we left home. Just had to wait until after 8.00am when all (well, most) of the local lads drifted off to school.

Finally car was ready and we were right to leave town after 5 nights there. On our last night the local aussie rules grand final was played. This was just up the road from the caravan park and a lot of noise was generated. This was OK and to be expected from a GF. However, the celebration went on strongly until 3.00am with the music in full cry. It then stopped for a little while but started up again and kept going until sun up. It was still happening when we left town 8.00am. Probably best we were getting on the road as there might have been a few emotional locals wandering the streest later. 

Car park in Kununurra. Going to do grocery shopping

Planking in front of a boab tree. Don't think this has ever been done before. Actually, I think he is just feeling the grass as he hasn't seen any for a while.

Walk through mini Bungles Bungles at edge of town.

And view from top looking back over town.

Hoochery Rum Distillery at Kununurra

Enjoying a tasting paddle at the distillery.

Well, maybe "enjoying" is not quite the right word

Farming land around Kununurra. Irrigated from Ord River/Lake Argyle scheme.

Chia crop. Apparently its a health product and very expensive (so Vicki tells me)

The old Ord River Crossing. This was the old road to Wyndam to the north.

Col at the Zebra Rock factory showing us how the zebra rock is made into various items.

Some of Col's finished work.

And now its the boys turn. Fingers are to be counted at start and finish of each session and the tallies must correspond.

Kununurra skate park. Where considerable time was spent while we were without our car.

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