Friday, 16 November 2012

Cunnamulla - 12/11/12 to 14/11/12

From Bourke we headed north towards Cunnamulla and, therefore, back into our home state of Queensland. We worked out that we had been out of our home state for 240 days, having crossed the border from Queensland into NSW on 17/03/12. Not much to see along the way but sheep, emus, goats and the occasional road train. We had a very close “near miss” with an emu and had the brakes on the caravan locked up as we were trying to pull our rig up to avoid a collision. Both we and the emu were very lucky to come out unscathed.

We set up camp in a very nice caravan park down by the Warrego River. The park was fairly new, having opened for business on the 1st May this year. The amenities block was probably the best we have encountered. Due to the warming weather there are not many travellers now and only two other vans in besides us. Talking about the weather, it is certainly getting warm. The days are constantly in the high 30’s and the nights are also quite warm. We are now running the air conditioning constantly trying to keep us and the interior of the van cool.

We had a quick look around the town but not much happening there. It’s pretty much a two street town centre. Also, we were in town at around 1.30pm and most shops seem to shut between 1.00pm and 2.00pm for lunch. Closing for lunch – now that’s a bit of a blast from the past. We spent the remainder of the day down by the river at the caravan park. The manager lent the boys her yabby trap and the boys baited it up and dropped it in the river. They also had a bit of a fish from the shore with their hand lines. No luck on the fishing and constant checks of the yabby trap produced no return for day one. Hopeful that next day would be better. Otherwise, it was very relaxing sitting down by the river, especially as it got later in the day and the shade increased and the temperature started to drop.

The boys were up early to check the pot but, again, no luck. We headed off into town later to the museum and Artesian Time Tunnel. This was a simulated time tunnel where you were taken back 100 million years to learn about the Great Australian Artesian Basin. This is the inland underground water table that starts off when water enters the underground system at around the Great Dividing Range and runs inland (underground) to Central Australia. It is the only source of water for much of the inland. Some statistics are that it covers one fifth of Australian and the age of the water that is extracted is said to be 2 million years old. It also comes out of the ground at a temperature of somewhere between 30 and 50 degrees and, in some places, can be as hot as 100 degrees.

We got out our inflatable boat for the first time on this trip and dropped it in the river back at the park. The boys had a great time paddling about and jumping out of it into the river. Vicki also got in for a paddle and swim. The boys did some more fishing as well – they are now quite expert at setting up their lines with hooks, sinkers etc. We stayed down there for most of the afternoon. Once again, very relaxing. Only disappointment was that the yabby pot failed to give us a return. But they will have one last chance tomorrow morning as they check it before we leave.

Next morning – no yabbies.

We stopped at the NSW/Qld border for a photo and comfort break. However, boys did not feel right doing the business in Qld so they walked across the cattle grid back into NSW

Last in Qld on 17/03/12 and have now returned on 12/11/12 - nearly 8 months later

Mural on wall in main street of Cunnamulla

Boys and the "Cunnamulla Fella"

Preparing the yabby trap

And the boys about to drop it in 

Fishing and playing in the Warrego River

In the town park

In the Artesian Time Machine at the local museum

Little corner store in Cunnamulla supplying all your needs - groceries, small goods, guns and ammo.

Off to do some canoeing in the river

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