Thursday, 8 November 2012

Port Lincoln - 31/10/12 to 03/11/12

The drive to Port Lincoln was around 300 k's and we again encountered a bit of rain. We managed to set up in the caravan park between showers. The park was in a great location overlooking the bay, with great views out over the islands. The down side, it was on the side of a hill and the sites mostly very uneven. Setting up was a bit of a challenge. With the rain around, and the increasing winds, we are back to colder weather. 

Our big event here was the "Swim with the Tuna" cruise. We boarded a boat in the Port Lincoln Harbour which took us out into the bay about 10 km where some "ponds" containing tuna and other fish were set up. Then, because it was very cold, we had to put on full wetsuits, wetsuit boots and gloves and snorkeling gear. And then, it's into the (very cold) water with the tuna. A pretty amazing experience; and a bit spooky. You are in the water with all these huge fish swimming right by you. A crew member is throwing pilchards in the water all around you and the tuna are swimming up real close to you so they can get them. You can also grab a pilchard and hold it out in your hand for the tuna. Again, a bit scary as the tuna come all around you and take the food. It feels like they get a bit of your hand on each occasion, with  the glove their to protect you from any damage. Vicki said she thought she was in a Hollywood movie swimming with big mechanical fish coming for her. Some of these fish are said to be up to 80 kg's. That's not as big as they can be, the record for this species of tuna is over 200 kg's. 

You could also get in another pond where snapper, dog sharks and a stack of other fish were. Amazing to be up so close and have them all just swimming around you. We were in the water for around an hour and by the end were very cold. Trying to get changed back into our clothes as quickly as possible was a real challenge, as we were all shaking with cold and it is hard to get out of a full length wet suit at the best of times. On the way back to port we did a bit of a tour around the harbour as the crew pointed out things of interest. A great day out.

Next day we checked out Coffin Bay in the morning. Lovely little oyster growing town, full of older style fishing shacks right on the waters edge. There were also some emus just wandering around the town picking berries off the trees. We decided we had better try some sea food, as we were in one of the major sea food areas of Australia, so we headed back into one of the hotels in Port Lincoln for lunch. Then in the afternoon it was out to Lincoln National Park to check it out and go for a walk to walk off lunch. We walked up Stamford Hill which was were Matthew Flinders climbed up on his voyage of discovery so he could chart the lie of the land. 

Back to the van later that afternoon with the boys doing some fishing off the jetty in front of the caravan park. No luck, they did at least get some nibbles this time. So, fish for lunch but not for dinner. An enjoyable stay in a friendly, good sized and pleasant fishing town.

Cards - a game of "Bull Dust"

Our caravan park. Great view. Unfortunately we were in the older section  were it was a bit more tricky to level the van.

Mykabe Diva. The owner is a Port Lincoln identity, but the horse itself has never set hoof here.

Boat for our "Swim with the Tuna" experience

Tuna Pontoon

Suited up and ready to go.

Swimming with the fish in the other pond. Photo was taken from the underwater observatory. Unfortunately there was no underwater observatory in the tuna pond

Regular size trawler with The Super Trawler in the back ground.  

Boys playing in the caves at water's edge out front of the caravan park

Oyster beds at Coffin Bay

Emus at side of road in Coffin Bay township

In Lincoln National Park

No flies on me

Boys heading out to do some fishing on the jetty out front of caravan park

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