Friday, 30 March 2012

Dubbo 26/3/12 to 31/3/12

Off to the Dubbo Zoo today.27/3 Man what a day! Now I will be sore in other places. Riding a bike for the better part of 4 hours today around the zoo. Great way to see it though. I loved the Giraffes and their long blue tongues. Nate loved the Meerkats, hey they are not as big as they seem on TV. Doug's favourite was the Hippo's which we really got to see up close, with his mouth open getting a wash.  Jacob's were the White Handed Gibbons for their acrobatic skills. Your ticket gives you access to the Zoo for 2 consecutive days, so we were back again the next morning to see the things we had missed. (Zoo is 300 hectares) In the car this time to rest our sore bottoms.

Lots to see in Dubbo, Japanesse gardens with huges gold fish and ducklings for the kids to feed and an amazing talking toilet. Dubbo Gaol which was very interesting and interactive with their displays. The resident Ghost giving a history of the Gaol.  The old gallows were a bit freaky. Doug and I had to go into the Solitory Confinement cell together as it was pitch black and both a little scared. Doug will have you believe he was fine with it, although he did use the torch on his mobile phone to find his way around and out. Big sook.

We went for a drive to Wellington to check out a cave and an old Phosphate Mine. On the way stopping at a local park we came across a Bunya Tree. The boys gathered some bunya nuts which we tried raw, not the best, but when we got home we boiled them up and ate them. Quite nice they tasted a bit like chicken. Nah they actually  tasted more like potato.

We explored the Cathederal cave which was very impressive and as the name suggests it looks like a Cathederal with the stalactites and stalicmites. They actually held church services, weddings and baptisms back in the 1850's.

The boys and Doug enjoyed the mine which was only used for 4yrs 1914- 1918 when they realised that there wasn't much Phosphate (which is prehistoric bat poo). It was reopened as a tourist sight 1996 and as they cleared it and excavated further they found heaps on fossils.

The boys found the best ever skate park in town which they visited regularly. It had a massive bowl with a Full pipe and a street section with 2 box jumps, ramps and grinding rails. (These are all Nates words I have no idea what they are).

While the boys where at the best ever skate park, with a massive bowl, full pipe and the street section with 2 box jumps, ramps and grinding rails, I did the house work (swept, moped and cleaned toilet) which took me all of 20 minutes. Moving from the boys room into the bathroom(also ensuite) then on to the kitchen and dinning area past the office and finally into the main bedroom.  Once completed, I kicked back and read my book. Any body jealous?. I'm loving this caravaning.

We are now on the road to Orange going via Parkes to check out The Dish.

Nate in the stockade. Doug asked if he could buy one for home. 

Say nothing, see nothing and hear nothing and same with the Kangaroos

Dubbo Zoo attactions

Jacob doing a no footer at the best ever skate park
Nate going vert in the bowl at the best ever skate park 

Zoo again
Nate's favorite the Meerkat

Japanesse Gardens

Old Dubbo Gaol  

Palmwoods Farm and Garden. That's not a hardware store.This is a hardware store

Boys having fun at the local water park in Dubbo

Phosphate Mine Wellington


The Dish Parkes

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