Thursday, 22 March 2012

Narrabri 20/3/12 to 23/3/12

We're on the road again. On our way to Coonabarrabran leaving Narrabri where we were for 3 nights. One of the main attractions that we wanted to see was Sawn rock which was closed for works. We visited  CSIO Australian Telescope Science centre which has 6 big dishes each 22mtr across.  Could have been a lot better if there was somebody giving a guided tour. It was a self serve tourist attraction. With outdated videos.  We did get to see one of the dishes being re-positioned which was pretty cool.

We went to the local cattle sales. To show the boys. We learnt how the whole process works and that a decent size bull will cost you over $1000, we decided not to bid as we are already carrying a lot of weight. Also visited the local gaol museum.

We stayed at the local show grounds with the horses. Cost $14p/n as opposed to $60p/n in caravan park.  The showers weren't of the highest standard no lights or shower curtains and you had to make sure you left your thongs on. I think they also washed out the horses in there. Just kidding.

We saw the most amazing sunsets and sunrises as heaps of cloud around. Lots of bird life and horses and we even saw a hare. We would wake up in the morning to the horses training around the track. Wide open spaces it was like we were camping in the bush.

We met our first family on the road. Mike and Judy with Bryce 10yr and Tom 8yr they are from Adelaide and have been on the road since May 2011, we sat around watching the sunset last night talking about their travels so far and getting great ideas for our trip. The boys mucking around with the foot ball and watching a video together when it got dark.  A late one for all of us.

Dinner last night was take away Thai (pay day) cooked by the Poms at the local pub.  That was an experience in it's self. Especially talking to the locals while I waited until it was ready.

The boys filled the day in yesterday with playing cricket at the local cricket nets and time at the skate park.

I just remembered, on our way to Narrabri we came across some sheep being herded along the road. We had to slowly make our way through. Very funny watching them zig zag backwards and forwards across in front of us. We would have got through a lot quicker if they didn't keep following each other like sheep.

Showground entertainment

Cattle sales Narrabri


Enjoying a red whilst watching the beautiful sunset

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