Monday, 19 March 2012

Tenterfield 17/3/12 to 20/3/12

We are just leaving Tenterfield where we have spent the last 3 nights. Lots happened. We climbed Bald Rock which is the largest granite formation in the Southern Hemisphere. Very steep. Hard work for the grown ups, kids practically ran up. Very impressive rock face and formations.

We checked out Captain Thunderbolts (bushranger) hideout. Which the boys got a real kick out of and they also experienced their first attack of leeches which they weren't so impressed with. There's also a famous Cork tree which was bought over here in a tin can by and English man in the 1800's. Absolutely huge now.  The bark is made of cork.

Tenterfield Saddlery which brought me to tears lots of history and a very old building 1870. Tenterfield favorite son, and one of Doug's favourite performer's Peter Allen gets a mention or too.

On our last day we visited one of Doug's friends who own a 248 acre farm 25 ks out of town. Lovely country hospitality. We spent about 31/2 hours there. Feeding their horses and eating wild blackberries. They took us for a drive around their property which borders a creek. The boys in the back of the Toyota which they thought was pretty cool. In the January 2011 floods, the creek that is 6ft deep normally was around 6mtrs deep. You can still see the  remnants of the destruction that a mass of water can cause.  Big trees uprooted and thrown about the creek bed. Their house used to be a bank and a phone exchange and their property has been a sheep farm and a tobacco farm. So lots of history. You can still see the tobacco barn and the shearing shed. Now it is a hobby farm with about 25 head of cattle and Boris the bull. The farm was the highlight of the day.

We visited the Railway Museum but the boys weren't that interested as it was well past lunch time.

The Famous cork tree

At the start of the climb up Bald rock

Jacob and Doug halfway up

We made it !

Thunderbolt's hideout

 Bruce and Anne's Farm in Tenterfield

The farm creek

We are loving our caravan, it is just perfect for us and in no time at all we have fully set up.

We are currently on our way to Narrabri.

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