Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Canberra 15/4/12 to 18/4/12

One of Nate's jobs at set up.

We have just left Canberra where we had 3 days. We did a lot in a short period of time.  We spent 5hrs in the War Memorial yesterday, but could have spent more. Which was quite diverse with the kids enjoying playing in the mock submarine/helicopter and war trenches combined with some well presented and very moving displays and videos. 

Parliament House was surprising very good as well.  We got a excellent tour guide, she really had the boys interested. We all learnt a bit more how the nation runs. Unfortunately we didn't see Julia about as she is preparing for the budget. However Doug suspects that she is actually at the local Centrelink office.

On our first day we did a tour of the Australian Institute of Sport. Which the boys got a real kick out of, especially the area where they could try out some of the sports on the interactive equipment. They had some pretty impressive facilities especially their $10 million pool facility that is only for use by the AIS swimming squad. 

Our finally site to see was the Royal Australian Mint. We met Titan the robot that picks up 44 gallon drums of coin to dump into the sorters.  He was a bit of a show off and when not working would put on a performance for the crowd. The boys got to mint their own $1 coin which cost $3 each. Good value?   

Australian Institute of Sport

Dad smashes them again

House of Representatives

Dignitaries meet on the steps of Parliament House

Night trots in Canberra (right beside camp site)

Coins being sorted at the Royal Australian Mint
War Memorial 

Boys in War Memorial Discovery Zone

Wall of Honour

Now on to Canberra its self.  The area around Parliament House and all around the lake is very beautiful, but for the rest of Canberra it is a little drab with lots of housing commission looking units and houses. There is no character in the buildings they all look the same.  As for seeing any shops or petrol stations good luck.  They tuck them away in the back of the suburbs and surround them with trees.  We did see a huge shopping centre on our way out of town right near the airport though.  The boys thought it being the capital city of Australia that it would be bigger and there would be more high rise buildings in the CBD.  However, it was interesting and we did enjoy our stay.

We have just had our first pack up in the rain and are currently driving in the rain to Corryong.  The Snowy Mountains are in white out ahead of us. Which is a bit of a shame.  The rains not heavy but constant. It's looks like we will have our first set up in the rain and when I say we, I actually mean Doug.

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