Saturday, 14 April 2012

Sydney 8/4/12 to 15/4/12

We have had a very hectic, exciting and exhausting 7 days in Sydney. Where we have trained across the Harbour Bridge, ferried under it and walked across it.  Doug wanted to drive across with the van when we leave for Canberra, but as we have extended our stay  that opportunity has been taken away from us as there is a big triathlon on and the bridge is closed. I must admit I'm happy about this as it could have been a very tense drive.

On our first day it was like we were the country cousins coming to the big city. Boys were in awe and amazed by the city, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. 

Awesome jump Nate, great photography Jacob

Awesome jump Jacob, great photography Nate 

another friendly seagull

 We ferried across to Manly on the most beautiful day. Excellent surf, boys were peeved that they couldn't go in (we weren't prepared). 

Manly Beach

Ferry home from Manly

Nathan is getting good at this photography

One on the many trains that helped us get around Sydney

The start of our walk across the Harbour Bridge

We spent a couple of hours at Luna Park with the boys running around madly in Coney Island while Doug and I had to wait outside freezing with a cold cup of coffee.

Harbour Bridge train ride

"Hey good looking" said the fish

Catch up with Ali and Dave at the Opera Bar, kids are here ....... somewhere. 

One Direction were rumored to be coming to the beach but didn't show up while we were there. Lots of teenage girls everywhere.  By the way we had to look up on the internet who One Direction were.

Bondi Beach

The boys mastering the art of chop sticks. Fine dinning at the St George Leagues club. 

Lots to see and do, Bondi Beach, Fish Markets in Darling Harbour, wondering around The Rocks area, a brisk walk though Kings Cross (we saw more police officers in Kings Cross train station than are probably employed on the entire Sunshine Coast), down to Woolloomoolloo to check out the Navy ships and have a pie at the Famous Harry's Cafe de Wheels. We even checked out Loui Vitton. I saw a dress that I quite liked for $4k, a watch for $120k and a t shirt for $400.  Doug found a card wallet for $389 to replace his existing $10 kmart one. Maybe next trip.

Our last couple of days were rest days. We went into the city one last time today to say goodbye to the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, ferries and trains. As much as we all loved Sydney, I think we are all ready to move on to our next exciting adventure. Nate would love to live here one day in his professional sporting career (exact sport yet to be determined)  

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