Sunday, 8 April 2012

Katoomba 4/4/12 to 8/4/12

We have just spent four of the most wonderful tiring days in the picturesque Blue Mountains staying at Katoomba Caravan park from where we were able to walk to most to the walks and Scenic World.

We decided to do the main attractions first;  Scenic World with the Scenic Railway, Cable Way and Sky Way with just a little bit of walking to ease us in for the other days. Scenic World was fantastic. Great views from the Cable Way and the Sky Way. A little bit scary for me, the boys were all cool with it. Although the Scenic Railway had them worried on the way up as they felt they were going to fall out. The rail is on a 52 degree angle.

We have done some walking since we have been here around Katoomba. Three Sisters, Giant Stairway, Federal Pass and the Furber steps. Lots of waterfalls and great views.

Scenic railway showing how steep it is.

Three Sisters and birds

Sky Way

Wow! Cable Way

Some of the many steps we had to travel down only to climb back up

End of a hard day.

Wentworth falls were probably the highlight for both Doug and I, which we came across sort of by chance on our last day in town. Spectacular views while you walk along a track that is carved into the cliff face. Amazing views of the valley. The walk continued around the cliff face under the waterfall. We would have liked to have done this but would have taken 4 hours and we didn't have enough provisions with us.

Weeping Rock on the way to Wentworth Falls

Boys living on the edge

Keep going, nearly at the top

Katoomba is a very old town with some lovely old cafes dating back to the 1920's. Art Deco Style. Which I just loved. Then there is The Carrington, a magnificent, majestic grand hotel with a libary, billards room, Sir Henry Parkes room, a chiffle room, ball room, dining room and lounge room (where Doug and I had drinks around the fire after a night out at The Avalon (restaurant) 12 yrs ago).  

The Carrington

A little chilly in Katoomba

Boys will be boys

Preparing for the Easter Bunny.
Thankfully he found them

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  1. Hey guys these views look amazing. Vicki did the Easter bunny bring you the bottle of wine in the photo as well? Lol