Thursday, 10 May 2012

Melbourne 3/5/12 to 9/5/12

We spent 6 wonderful days in Melbourne visiting my sister Kym and her family Rob, Anna and Jamie.
It was nice to have a break from the caravan as we stayed with Kym for 2 nights while Doug boozed it up with his buddies in town.  Doug and his mates have an annual boys trip to Melbourne which just so happened to coincide with our stop in Melbourne.  Who would have thought. Kym also looked after the kids the first night we arrived so Doug and I could spend some quality time together.  Which was lovely and weird at the same time, as first time without the kids in the van.  Rob made me a much needed bread board that fits over the sink that gives me more room when cooking in the van. Thanks Rob.  We really didn't do much touristy stuff in Melbourne as we were there to catch up with family. We did go to The Edge the highest building in Melbourne which has a glass room that goes out from the building to give you a great view of the city on all angles. 

 Doug took the boys to the MCG and did the tour while I got my much needed hair cut.  Now I look half decent.  Cousin Carmel was able to repair a filling for Nate so now he can eat lollies again.  Just kidding Carmel. Much appreciated. 

Fun with the cousins - I think?

The Windsor Hotel in Melbourne. Actually we were just here to 
 use the toilet.

Our day in the city, which was obviously a bit wet.
Aah, Melbourne weather. 

Melbourne street entertainers.

Kym and I dressed up as Joel Madden and Seal for a friends 40th birthday party. Kym looks more like an Indian taxi driver though. 

More crazy fun with Anna and Jamie (cousins)

Here we are all together.  Fabris's and the Brennan's.

The Todds on the RTMT2012. Too much to explain here.

The before shot. There is no after shot just yet.

On Wednesday we had to catch the Spirit of Tassie at 7.30pm; but had to check out of the caravan park at 10.00am. We therefore had plenty of time to kill. We drove down to Port Melbourne and parked the rig on the foreshore. We then spent the day in and around Port Melbourne and St Kilda.  The boys thought they were at home with the beach and couldn't wait to get on it.   At 5pm we loaded up and headed on down to the pier and boarded the boat. Loading the car and van on board was an experience, with some tight turns and narrow aisles to negotiate. After that was safely done, a few drinks at the bar were required. We then checked in to our cabin and settled in for our trip across Bass Strait.  Nate and I had trouble going off to sleep.  Nathan I think because of new surroundings.  Me because of the rocking.

Port Melbourne. The boys couldn't wait to get into their boardies and get on the beach.

Scooting on the way to St Kilda 

One of the many yummy cake shops in St Kilda.  We just window shopped.

Lunch on the foreshore of Port Melbourne.

This is where the van sat for the 7 hours until we caught the boat 

The boat.

Not so squeezey.

This way to your room gentlemen. 

Dinner at "The Captains Table". 

Melbourne lights in the back ground.

Drinks for Dougie and I while kids in the cinema watching Tin Tin.

Not so squeezey - once again

This is where we slept.  Nate wants it known that Jacob was in the bunk above me.

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  1. Great post.
    We see a bit of Melbourne weather , an Acland St cake shop , St Kilda beach , The Spirit of Tasmania and a glimpse of the Todds. No trams though. Looks like Vik has spent to much time in the ink shop getting a very colorful sleeve , not that i have any clue who Joel Madden is. Look forward to the pics from Wineglass in your next post.