Monday, 21 May 2012

Launceston 10/5/12 to 12/5/12

Well it’s now the 20th of May and we have been in Tassie for 10 days and we have been on the go since we got off the boat.  We are currently driving to Strahan from Hobart and have plenty of time to get the blog together as though only 300k it will take us about 7hrs to get there putting in a lunch stop. The road is very windy and steep much like our Snowy Mountain drive though not quite so bad.  We have seen snow on the side of the road and in the rivers- luckily not on the road.  Although it would have been pretty to see on the trees.  Doug is happy it’s not snowing because steep and windy roads are bad enough without them being slippery as well.  

Our first stop was a little raspberry farm (Christmas Hill Raspberry farm) for brecky in front of a fire. A nice warm welcome to Tassie. Then off to Launny (what us locals call Launceston), where we caught up with my cousin Annie and her hubby Angus and their beautiful girls Lillian and Isabella.   They showed us the most generous Tasmanian hospitality which we look forward to returning soon.  Launny is known for the Gorge (Cataract Gorge) which is breath takingly beautiful. We did some pretty strenuous walks along the gorge.

Doug did the Boags brewery tour while the boys and I went to City Park to meet the Japanese Macaques.  Funny monkeys on the go the whole time.  Then off to the Museum with Annie and also the skate park. 

My men around the barbie

Before and after shots of a very messy van.

Raspberry sausages and raspberry crumpets followed by raspberry hot chocolates at Christmas Hill Raspberry farm.

Swing bridge at Cataract Gorge

"Ferocious peacock terrorises tourist at Cataract Gorge"

1929 floods Cataract Gorge

Boags Brewery tour which Doug reluctantly took without the rest of the family.

Japanese Macaque. They reminded me of growing up with Kym and Janie and tickles on the back. You always hated being the one on the end.

Cool Dude Jakie

Eating oysters. One likes and one doesn't.

Dinner out with cousin Annie and her lovely family

The girls -Vicki, Lillian, Isabella and Annie

Annie, Vicki, Doug and Angus
Great night thank you. 

Second cousins - Nate, Lillian, Isabella and Jacob

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