Sunday, 6 May 2012

Ballarat 30/4/12 to 3/5/12

We are currently in Melbourne and have just come from Ballarat where we spent 3 nights.  Visiting Soveign Hill on  2 days.  Boys had a ball panning for gold and so did we.  We actually managed to find some.  It did help that Soveign Hill puts gold flecks into the creek every morning ($200 worth) which I must tell you doesn't guarantee finding gold.  You need to learn the art of panning, which we all managed to do.  It's a bit hard on the old knees though.

We stayed at the worst situated caravan park yet.  It was right on a major highway.  Lots of b-doubles going past all hours of the night.  It also rained and we were under some trees, so drip drip all night.  Now I know what Doug's folks were talking about.  They are keen caravaners and forewarned us of staying on major roads.  The park did have a games room where the boys where back on the pool table honing some of their new learnt skills.

Very cold there.  We all had our beanies on and Doug and the boys bought gloves.  The city of Ballarat is just beautiful - again lots of history.  Lovely old buildings from the 1850's as it was built because of the gold rush.

The Sovereign Hill hoods

Nine pin bowling  - 1850's style

Distinguished gentlemen

Love a man in uniform

Learning how to make wooden wheels

Nate's first speck of gold 

Local resident Crazy Joe showing the boys how to use the Canadian Cradle 

Local school kids, except for 2 (try and pick them)

Historic streets of Ballarat

The impressive Her Majesty's Theatre

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