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Broome - 22/08/12 to 31/08/12

We arrived in Broome after a 400k drive, that I spent half of in the back of the car with Jacob,while Nate was in the front with Doug.  Jacob and I watched a movie and Nate talked with Doug about the 4wd drive he is going to buy and where all of the good 4wd areas are.  He has not stopped talking about 4w driving since he got some 4wd books from the laundry in Kununurra. People leave what they don’t want in the laundries in caravan parks. We have got some good stuff from different laundries around the country.  We had done a couple of long days in the car and I was getting a bit bored in the front. (sorry Dougie nothing against you).  Anyway, I don’t know if I will be able to do it for too long as the old car sickness started to set in and Jacob was annoying me, and me him, and we were arguing and consequently kept getting into trouble from the driver.

This is why I get bored sometimes.

Nate enjoying the front with Doug.

Whilst Jacob and I watch a movie.

Driving into Broome it looked like there was a fire, which we later found out it was just fog.  Apparently around this time of year it’s fairly common and more so in the Cable Beach area.  The next couple of mornings we woke up to fog that cleared by mid morning.

We ended up spending 9 nights in Broome.  So it was sort of like a little holiday within the trip. We did the touristy things and spent a lot of time on the beach. Cable beach was so picturesque with its turquoise water and white sand that seemed to go on for ever.  We did have some jelly fish blow in for a couple of days that kept us out of the water.  While they did sting it wasn’t severe, it was just a bit uncomfortable.  Also Town beach was very nice but we didn’t do any swimming there as there was rumoured to be a rogue salt water croc in residence.  

The picturesque Cable Beach where I went walking every morning.

Town Beach

One of the must-sees in Broome is checking out the dinosaur prints at Gantheaume Point.  They are over 120 million years old. There were about 30 odd people on the rocks at low tide trying to find some of the prints and guess who found them, me.  We also saw another celebrity this time a kid’s presenter off ABC3 Kane Tremells.  He was filming a show called 3 on 3 Extreme. The boys were pretty excited with that.  Gantheaume Point has amazing rock formations in vibrant colours. The red, orange and browns of the rocks against the blue sky and turquoise water were just magnificent. We only had thongs on so they were a few falls on the slipper rocks. 

Walking out to Gantheaume Point

Dinosaur prints 

Kane Tremells from ABC3 

Filming for the new show in progress

We decided to drive onto the beach at Cable Beach on the morning of our camel ride.  It was a little tricky going over the rocks.  A lot of the sand was moved in Broome’s last big storm causing a lot of the rock to be exposed. We drove up the beach a little coming across some nudist’s. That side of the rocks is a known nudist hang out (pun intended).   We had to avert our gaze on a number of occasions mainly because it would seem all nudists are over 60.   The camel ride was pretty fun.  They were very noisy when everyone was getting onto them but they did settle down once they got walking. I was a bit scared when they stood up and sat down as you end up leaning right forward.  

Broome town was founded around the pearling industry. There were a few tours we could have done to learn about the pearling industry but, with money tight at the moment, we decided against them.  Instead we managed to find out an awful lot by visiting pearl jewellery shops and asking a lot of questions. We did visit Willie Creek Farm and listened in on some tour, just by standing discretely close.  There was also a free talk in one of the shops. At this talk an oyster was to be opened and you could actually buy a raffle ticket to win whatever was inside. The insuring pearl was a decent size with medium grade quality and said to be worth about $350. I bought a ticket for $20 and guess what - I didn’t win.  You did have to purchase your ticket before the pearl was opened.  I ended up with some drop pearl earrings instead.

While in Broome we arranged with Jacob’s teacher from home to skype with his class.  It was good for Jacob to be able to see his class mates.  Technology is amazing.
We love Broome with it’s beautiful beaches and town and I can see why people stop and decide to live here for a while.   

Questacon. The travelling bus was visiting regional towns. We didn't get to go when we were in  Canberra  so this was a bonus. The boys had a ball.

Doug doing some much needed repairs to Nate's scooter.  He is so talented.

Jacob having a go at navigating.

Sunset at Cable Beach

Matso's Brewery. A nice way to spend a Sunday arvo.  The lime, mango, chili cider was delicious. As was Doug's "One for the Toad" beer.

The boys even had fun meeting up with some friends that they had met in Kununurra

Driving on the beach at Cable Beach

One of the old Pearl luggers

Willie Pearl farm

The Jetty.  We could see some big fish swimming in and around the jetty. Apparently not good eating though.


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