Thursday, 13 September 2012

Exmouth - 08/09/12 to 10/09/12

Arriving in Exmouth one of the first things we did was to try and clean out all of the dust that had gotten into the van after our drive in and out of the Emu Creek Station. I tried to block all the orifices of the caravan with some paper towel, but the dreaded red dust still got in.

 We needed to stop in Exmouth to stock up on food, do some washing and recharge everything before we headed into the Cape Range National Park. But most importantly Doug needed to be somewhere he could listen to the NRL semi-finals.  Jacob was very happy with the Cowboy’s result.

I thought Exmouth was going to be a beach side town. Not so - it was built in the 1960’s to service the Naval and Air force bases that are located on either side of it. It’s actually 1 or 2k’s from the beach.
On our drive out to check out the Vlamingh light house we came across these huge towers, 13 of them in total.  We later found out they are the submarine communications towers. Pretty impressive.  The light house is no longer operational, it was simply replaced some years ago with a light at the top of the tallest submarine communications tower. We got a great view from the light house of the coast line and ocean, seeing quite a few whales doing their stuff not far off shore. 

The van park had a great camp kitchen so Nate decided we should make some desert.  Apple crumble and icecream (a real treat) was enjoyed by everybody. It’s been a while since we have had a good camp kitchen with an oven.  They mostly have been a barbeque and a table. 

The dreaded dust gets in everywhere.

We drove out to Charles Knife Gorge. 

Pretty impressive

A very deep gorge that seemed to go on for ever

Pebble beach. Lots of pebble that have worn away from the conglomerate rocks out of the gorge.

Submarine communications towers

Lookout at the light house

Wild flowers

Bundegi Beach 

The boys went for a snorkel not much to see . There is a reef about 1k out - but we weren't going to swim out there. We did see some whales breaching though - pretty spectacular.

Whale Shark just in case we don't see one in the water

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