Thursday, 20 September 2012

Coral Bay - 13/09/12 to 16/09/12

Coral Bay is a lovely little  beach town with two caravan parks, a resort, bakery, post office and lots of tourist shops. A very busy holiday town.  Once again beautiful turquoise water. You could snorkel right of the beach and we did every day.  The coral was amazing; huge cabbage/carnation flower looking corals with plenty of interesting fish.  Every arvo the WA Dept of Environment and Conservation representative did fish feeding on the beach.  Hundreds of spanish mackerel and a few parrot fish would swim though your legs in the shallows. The boys had a ball feeding them.  The mackerel were huge it’s a pity you couldn’t put a line in.

One of the days we decided to do a quad bike snorkel tour. Wow what an exhilarating experience.  We went over salt plains then up over the sand hills onto the beach. I nearly lost it a couple of times screaming each time. So much fun. At one stage we came over a ridge and all I could see was the beautiful turquoise water.  It was very scary going down the other side. The boys had a ball even though they weren't driving. If this is what 4w driving is all about I want to do some more.  We stopped at two different dive spots, Oyster Bridge and The Lagoon. Both were really good. At Oyster Bridge we got up nice and close to a reef shark.  Great day topped off by dinner at the local pizza joint. The only problem was the AFL semi final was played that night and one side was the West Coast Eagles. They had the telecast on the TV in the bar area which made for a very noisy dinner. 

Jacob and me ready to hit the beach

Nate and Doug on on the salt plains

Oyster Bridge

Steep sand hill to get up

Waiting for the fish to arrive in the bay

Spanish Mackerel 

photos from under water camera

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