Thursday, 13 September 2012

Tom Price - 05/09/12 to 06/09/12

We had to leave Karijini at the crake of dawn to drive the 120k’s to Tom Price.  We only had one day in Tom Price and the reason for visiting was to check out the Rino Tino iron ore mine. The tours vary around the blasting time (apparently they don’t like tourist on site during blasting’s, even if you are wearing a hard hat and safety goggles) and on our day in town the tour was at 8.30am.
 At the mine everything was big – big trucks, big diggers, big sheds and wide roads and a bloody big hole in the ground.  The mine itself was enormous. Our bus drove around slowly for an hour and a half showing us the site.  The infrastructure is incredible. It has to be, they send out 100,000.00 tons of iron ore every day.

The town is mainly made up of young families and singles and they are well catered for. It has a new modern shopping centre, primary and high school and great social and sporting facilities.  Apparently this will be developed further on the back of the mining boom.  Nine out of every ten cars is a white Toyota 4wd with lights and a flag on the roof and high vis stripes down the side driven by someone in a high vis shirt.

Whilst here we investigated our leaking hot water system problem further. It would appear we have a cracked water tank.  We had no option to drain it and turn it off.  We are hoping to get it fixed in Geraldton when we are there in about 3 weeks’ time. For now it is cold water only.

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