Thursday, 13 September 2012

Emu Creek Station - 06/09/12 to 08/09/12

We decided to stay here on a recommendation from some people that we had met in the first week of our travels - great swimming in the creek they said. Unfortunately it didn't have enough water in it to go swimming. The boys still managed to get in there and muck around. It's a 307,000.00 acers 1500 cattle property which used to be a sheep station. We were camped right on edge of the creek.  It was such a very peaceful stop, we all were so relaxed. I loved the mornings and arvos watching the creek change colour with the sun. 

On our second day there we all just sat back and read for the rest of day after we had checked out the old Wool Shed. The wool shed was very interesting. Doug was able to fill us in on all the workings of a wool shed.  In the arvo some people that we had orginally met in Flinders Ranges and then saw in Karijini National Park and Tom Price turned up. They have 3 boys around the same age as Nate and Jacob. The boys all had fun playing "man hunt" not as bad as it sounds and after sitting around the fire having their dinner they watched a movie.( which they don't get to do that often) While Doug and I chatted with their parents.  It looks like we are heading the same way for a little while.  

The Homestead

Our camp sit right on the edge of the creek

Where to next Dad?

We had a fire both nights

Jacob keeping the station dog Ripper entertained one arvo

This was meant to be rissoles but ended up being stir fry mince

Toast in the morning

The Wool Shed ( it was a sheep farm up until 2006)

Shearer Jakie

Wool shed

The Boys having fun pretending to be cows in the cattle yards

Approaching dust storm

Luckily it never actually hit us. 

On the way out of the station.  The car and caravan were not pretty after that drive. Very fine dust everywhere.

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