Sunday, 21 October 2012

Albany - 13/10/12 to 17/10/12

Albany ended up being a four night stay as once again we had car issues.  During a regular service of the car another water leak was found. Nothing major, but with the Nullabor Plains crossing coming up we knew we had to get it sorted out.

Albany’s main claim to fame is that it was the first settled town in WA. Also it had the last operating whaling station in Australia, with this closing down in the 1970’s. I imagine 40 years ago it would have been a very picturesque little whaling village. There were lots of old building and little cottage houses but the village is now a small city of approx 30,000 people.  

We did the touristy things, visiting Whale World, which everybody said was a must see, and also Princess Royal Fortress that overlooks Princess Royal Harbour and King George III sound.  Both very good.

We spent about three hours at Whale World, there was so much to see. It’s on the original site of the Cheynes Whaling Company whaling station. It’s displays and videos were very informative and interesting. One of the displays was a 3D movie of the ”Giants of the Ocean”.  Fantastic; I’ve never really seen a 3D movie and have decided I love them. You could also go aboard the last whaling ship in Australia, Cheynes IV. The boys had a ball exploring and mucking around pretending they were hunting the biggest whale ever.

We spent a few hours at the Princess Royal Fortress. In the late 19th century an enemy attack on the port of Albany was recognised as a threat to Australia's security and for this reason the Princess Royal Fortress was established. The boys had fun re-enacting war. As well we all checked out the various buildings that had been resorted to their original condition and set up with great displays.  A fun and educational day out.  

When the sun finally came out  Albany had  a very picturesque harbour with  lots of islands.

The first place in WA to be settled. It was to be a convict settlement, but they realised it was better for a fort, so they sent the convicts back to Sydney (the ones that hadn't escaped that is).

Doug looks mighty happy here.

Old fashion stilts.  Who doesn't remember these.  My dad made us some when we were kids.

The streets of Albany

Amity ship which brought the first settlers and convicts to WA

Whale World
Cheynes IV Whale World

Blue Whale skelton - and it's real

3D. Narly 

Natures Bridge

The Gap

Cool wind farm that surplies about 70% of Albany's power

Princess Royal Fort
The Gun on the guns

The boys had an absolute ball playing war games and aiming for  Doug and I with the guns.  Where's the respect?

View from one of the bunkers overlooking King George Sound. This is where all of the Anzac ships gathered before they headed off for Turkey.  About 30 ships in total. 

Princess Royal Harbour

Liberty Hotel 
Liberty Hotel

Inside out the back of the Hotel - very 50's art deco style  

Enjoying a few glasses of Margaret River Red whilst reading about Adele.  Doesn't get much better than this.  The family was told not to interrupt me.

The bowling alley in Albany. Jacob's birthday treat.

This is what the boys got up to on our day without the car. Nate building a snare; as seen on you tube. 

and Jacob building a shelter.

Hand ball was also played

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