Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Jurien Bay - 26/09/12 to 28/09/12

Jurien Bay was a departure from our plans. We were told to go there to look at Stockyard Gully Cave. Driving there the countryside was very English looking with lots of greenery and fishing/beach shacks scattered along the way. The town itself is only small and, again, it is mainly about fishing. Once set up we checked out the waterfront and went for a walk/scooter along the beach track. Didn't get to far as the rain came in and forced us to turn back and head for home (and another Harry Potter movie).

Next morning it was off to find Stockyard Gully Cave. But first we drove through Lesueur National Park to check out the wild flowers. Vicki really enjoyed this; me and the boys probably not quite as much. The drive through the park was around 10km's but it took at least an hour as we had to stop lots for photos to be taken. I think these will all be presented in a separate blog. So stay tuned.

After a drive along a sandy and rocky track we arrived at Stockyard Gully Cave. This cave is about 300 metres long - you go in one end and come out the other. When it's raining you could see it would turn into an underground creek, but fortunately for us there has been no significant rain for some time and the cave floor is the creek sand bed. Armed with a torch each we set off on the 300 metre underground walk. It's a bit freaky once you get going, especially when you get to the middle and turn off all the torches and it is just pitch black. It woud be close to impossible to find your way out from here with no light at all. Once out the other end we the choice of doing a full circuit back to the carpark or returning through the cave. The weather was a bit ordinary so, after some discussion, it was agreed to brave it and go back through the cave.

Jetty at Jurien Bay. Very windy while we were there. 

It rained on us as we went for a walk. But we got this rainbow over our  caravan park

Entrance to Stockyard Gully Cave

One of the warnings before entering the cave

And another warning. By now we are starting to consider our options

But in we go.

Without the torches it is pitch black. Even with the light on there is still some scary things in there

And made it outthe other end

Some cows in a field of sunflowers

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