Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Ceduna - 26/10/12 to 28/10/12

Ceduna was at the end of the Nullarbor crossing. Our caravan site was overlooking the water, which would have been good if it wasn’t windy and cold and there weren’t lots of flies driving us mad. The first thing we had to do here was to finish off the last two holes of the Nullarbor Links. That done we went for a drive to check out the port and coast line. Ceduna has a busy port, exporting gypsum, salt, sand and wheat.  It’s also a well-known oyster haven so Nate and I thought we had better try some. We bought half a dozen natural oysters from Baldies Seafood and they were probably the best oysters I have ever eaten. Very meaty.

One afternoon was spent at the pub overlooking the water, but we had to be inside behind the glass to escape the wind and the flies. We are still getting used to the time change. As we crossed the border we had to change our clocks a total 2 ½ hours forward to allow for the new time zone and day light saving.  The sun is setting at around 8pm which means we aren’t going to bed until late. So a bit tired at the moment and it may take a while to adjust.  

Kids playing in giant oyster shell

Heading out onto Ceduna Jetty

Ceduna Harbour with ship ready for loading
Front fence with a little difference

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