Saturday, 6 October 2012

Lancelin - 28/09/12 to 01/10/12

Lancelin was a stopover to catch up with the McSorleys. The stay ended up being about great food, great company and fun times. Our camp site in Lancelin was in an industrial estate. A friend of Tanya and Darren’s so kindly let us stay there. Free rent! Thanks so much to Chrissy and Robert. The kids were catered for with an in ground trampoline, which they were on constantly.

We ate like kings, with a meal prepared in the camp oven each night, followed by desert which was made by Nathan and Rachel.  We had arranged to meet Tanya, Darren and kids at the Pinnacles, on our way to Lancelin. We parked our van in the parking area and unhooked. The kids had fun running around the Pinnacles and playing zombies. Apparently the pinnacles were the tombstones. We walked and drove amongst the Pinnacles; it was quite eerie actually.  Scientists are still unsure how they were formed and they were only found 600 years ago.  It is believed they were covered in sand before that.
We spent two days sand boarding on the sand hills on the outskirts of Lancelin.  So much fun was had by all. We did have to compete for space with the 4wds, quad bikes, motorbikes and dune buggies. It was a very busy time on the dunes. 

We said goodbye to the McSorleys as that was the last time will probably see them before they get home next year sometime.  The town of Lancelin was a lovely little crayfishing town with a beautiful beach and a casual, laid back atmosphere. 
In the Pinnacles with the McSorleys
Kid Pinnacles

The Lobster (crayfish) Shack in Cervantes
On the Crayfish Shack tour

Now that's a crayfish (and worth about $200)

Our caravan park - a commercial site in the back blocks of Lancelin

Our co-tenants at the Lancelin Industrial Estate Caravan Park - Darren, Rachael, Tanya and Ryan

Kids mucking around amongst the cray pots in the "caravan park"

The park came complete with an inground trampeline - what a bonus

Nathan and Rachael preparing desert of banana cake - very good
The finished product, fresh out of the camp oven

Sitting around the camp fire

First night's dinner of roast lamb cooked in the camp oven - beautiful.  And banana cake to follow

Tanya preparing another beautiful camp oven meal. This is living.

Boys collecting the fire wood. A bit of loose timber lying around the yard and a bit of trimming with the chain saw.

And then washing up. Is there anything these blokes can't do.

Out at Lancelin dunes recreational area

Setting off to go sand boarding

Wax on

Gnarly, wicked, sick .......

Nate in action

Jakie in action

Some group action

Most of the time I went down on my bum, just to be on the safe side.

The dunes were really quite steep

Going for a swim at Lancelin Beach - weather is fine and warm but water is very cold

Watching NRL grand final at the local pub.

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