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Perth - 01/10/12 to 05/10/12

We arrived at Coogee Beach, which is just south of Fremantle, on the Queen's Birthday holiday. As it turns out, Coogee is a very popular area with a beautiful park right on the water, and with the caravan park down the end of the beach carpark. With the weather being a beautiful 32 degrees, the park was practically overflowing. We had to try and negotiate our way through the mass of vehicles and people in the carpark to get to the caravan park. After setting up we had a quick check out of the beach, but it was full of partying teenagers and it seemed we were either too old (me and Vicki) or too young (the boys) to stay. So we headed into Fremantle to check out the harbour, the big boats and the area in general. Very popular spot for boaties and there is obviously some big money in the area. We joined in the holiday atmosphere by going to the park where the boys did some bungee trampolining and then by having some fish and chips and a beer (just me) while overlooking the harbour.

We returned to Fremantle the next day to check out the Maritime Museum and to also do a tour of the submarine, the HMAS Ovens. Boys thought this was pretty exciting but were not so sure that they would like to be on board when it is at sea and there is about 60 odd crew. 

Headed into the city by train the following day and did a bit of a tour around on the free buses that operate throughout the city. It rained on and off so we probably didn't get to look around as much as we would have liked. Checked out the Perth Museum, which was pretty interesting. From there we made our way to the Perth Bell Tower to do the tour of this and watch the bell ringing. The bells are the oldest in Australia and date back to 1550 when they were in St Martins in England. You actually get to ring the bell yourself and we all lined up for a go. Our tour guide was pretty strict and the boys kept getting in trouble for holding the rope too high and then letting it take them off the ground as the bells rolled over. We headed home by boat up the Swan River and checked out all the luxury homes that line the waterway. Also noted the numerous boat clubs that line the river - apparently Perth has the second largest ratio of boats to people in Australia, only being topped by the Gold Coast.

Off into the city again the following day, but mainly to visit Kings Park. This is a very impressive park of 1,000 acres that overlooks the city. It would have to be one of the most spectacular city parks I have ever seen, with beautiful gardens, spectacular trees and facilities within it to cater for all ages. It had a display of all the wild flowers througout WA, a tree top walk above tall trees, a park set aside where kids could go and build cubby houses out of timber and climb tree ropes and other things normally not allowed these days, another brilliant kids play area with lots of stuff set up, numerous cafes throughout and just really good layout and facilities. We must have spent around 4 hours there. On the way home we again called into Fremantle, tis time to have a drink at the Little Creatures brewery. Very funky set up and we had a quick snack and a couple of delicious ales.

Coogee Beach on Queens Birthday holiday, the day we arrived

Boys on bungee trampoline at Fremantle

Out and about in Fremantle

Streets of Fremantle city

Sunset over Coogee Beach

Down at Fremantle harbour

About to go aboard "HMAS Ovens" submarine for a tour

The Bell Tower in Perth city
And every one gets a go at ringing the bell

In Perth city

Our cruise boat

Perth City

One of the huge houses we saw on the cruise back to Freo.  The orange roofed houses are all part of the one property.

Overlooking the old Swan Brewery

Having a beer at Little Creatures brewery

Day out at Kings Park
Rio Tinto Naturescape Park in Kngs Park

Synergy Park in Kings Park

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