Sunday, 15 July 2012

Alice Springs 8/7/12 to 11/7/12

We have just left Alice Springs for Wycliffe Wells staying in Alice for four nights.  It was nice to stop and have a bit of a rest.  We did a big shop as we hadn't done a proper shop since the Port Augusta which was just over two weeks ago. Our last meal was beans and rice with lots of chicken stock for flavour (hey Chris bro, gotta love that chicken stock)  .

Alice Springs was very educational; visiting the School of the Air, Royal Flying Doctor Service and watching the locals going about their daily routine.  The Todd Mall was a very interesting place. The School of the Air was very emotional for me, believe or not bringing me to tears and apparently embarrassing the rest of the family.  The teachers do such a wonderful job. I would like the boys to do their schooling through them. Though for them to be able to do the school of the air we would have to live on a remote property, miles from shopping centres and the beach, and just that’s not an option.

One day for something different I took the boys to the pictures and saw The Three Stoogers. Boys loved it.  Doug once again took the car to the car wash to remove some more of that red dirt.

A new experience was having to hand over 50 cents to go to the toilet. Not sure if it cost more of a number two!?

The weather changed dramatically in our time there. On our first night the temperature dropped to minus 2 but, by the time we left, the overnight temps where around 10. The days were hot with us now moving into shorts and t-shirt’s.  It’s good to have a wardrobe change.  

On our first night there we went out with the Cutlers to the local tavern. They had cheap roast meals and a reptile show on. Fun was had by all, although a little bit nerve racking (the photos will explain).  It was good to spend time with the Cutlers again.  The kids enjoyed playing and most nights were spent with all of us enjoying a nice meal and a few drinks around the barbie. We even had desert on our last night. I made a fruity rice pudding in the Dream Pot. Loved by all. 

Out at the local for a dinner ...

... and a (reptile) show

Yes, that's a snake crawling over our children

And a lizard or two to hold

Not to be outdone Vicki calmly volunteered to participate

I'm not laughing here that's crying

Vicki and Sandi very relaxed 


That's the biggest snake since ........

Anzac Hill overlooking Alice Springs

School of the Air. And your teacher today is Jacob.

Royal Flying Doctor Service. How would you feel about these two coming to your rescue

Dinner time at the barbie with a drink or two and a game 

Dinner is served

Not only do you have to cook it you also have to clean up. The work never ends.

Crazy guys

Getting some exercise in the local park which was, surprisingly, very well grassed.

Simpson's Gap

Another tree

That's the Todd River in full flow

Stupidity. People get hurt doing that stuff.

Speed limit on highway in NT

Which was achieved and held for about 100 metres before the driver got scared.

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