Monday, 16 July 2012

Daly Waters 14/07/12 - 15/07/12 (by Nate)

We have just one night at Daly Waters. Daly Waters was Australia’s first International airport. It was so hot when we got there that we went into the pub's pool which was beautiful. The pub is where we had dinner. Dad said 535 km's is a long way to drive for dinner. In case you didn`t know the Daly Waters pub is quite famous for its Beef` n` Barra meals. That’s what Mum had. Dad  had just the beef, while I had fish `n` chips that was still nice, but I wish I the Beef `n` Barra but it was too expensive. There was an entertainer there and he was called Chilli. He was telling loads of jokes one of them was about the pub, it was "this is the only pub in the world where the bouncers throw you back in".

In the pool at Daly Waters Pub
The public bar. It has to be seen to be believed.

Daly Waters Hotel

Daly Waters servo and shopping precinct

The camp ground at the back of the pub. There would have been around  80-100 vans  in the night we were there.

Apparently the public bar doubles as a lingerie shop.

Two schooner of Mid and a g string please.

The beer garden at 2.30pm

And at 4.30pm. By 6.00pm it was even more packed.

Stick with me baby and it's first class all the way

And the feed was well worth the trip

Our entertainer, Chilli, pumping out a few inappropriate jokes between songs.

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