Sunday, 22 July 2012

Katherine 19/7/2012 to 22/7/2012

Our last three days have been spent in Katherine and we have walked our butts off.  My achilles and calf muscle are really sore and Doug’s knees are giving him grief. It’s hard work this travelling. There are 13 different gorges that make up Katherine Gorge. We did walks into three of them. Averaging about  6k's a walk. Open hot plains most of the way until you get closer to the gorge, when it becomes more rain foresty. In hindsight we probably should have done a cruise or canoed on the river to get a better feel/look at the gorges. The views from the lookouts are well worth the walks though.  

On one of our outings we were advised that if we walked into Butterfly Gorge then we could go for a swim off a lovely sandy beach. They have different ideas of sandy beaches to us. When we got there it was a step and very narrow muddy bank, so we decided to give the swimming a miss.  Another concern was also coming across a salt water croc.

Katherine also has some hot springs.  The boys went swimming with the Cutlers one arvo.  Yes, we saw the Cutlers again. We had just gone to the springs to check it out and next minute Jacob's yelling out "there's Levi" and tearing off to say hello.  We just can't seem to shake them. Just kidding as we always enjoy catching up and having a few laughs (and a few drinks) with familiar faces. Unfortunately, from here on, it seems as we will be leaving the Cutlers behind as they may stay in Katherine for a while to look for work. 

The caravan park we stayed in was probably the best one in town. Unfortunately we seemed to get the worst site in the park. The sun bore in on us (and only us) right up to 5.30 in the arvo. Added to this, what at first looked like a lovely shady site, turned out to be the only site above which all the local bats congregated to at night. 

Lookout overlooking the first gorge in Katherine Gorge

On these walks, the water stops are most welcome

This is another tree

Walking right up against the gorge wall

Vicki on the "beautiful sandy beach". You need to use your imagination a bit here.

Pats lookout 2nd gorge

One of the swimming holes. Unfortunately the water  is well down now. The boys are up on a ledge which would probably be only six feet out of the water at the height of the wet season.

Same swimming hole with the line on the rocks showing how high the water sits for most of the year.

A Boab tree. 

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