Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Cooinda "Kakadu National Park" NT - 22/07/12 to 23/07/12

We are now heading into Kakadu National Park. On our drive into our first stop, Cooinda, we noticed that the landscape was different again.  Scrub land with scattering of palm trees and lots of termite mounds. These termite mounds were a lot taller than the others we had seen.

Our first stop was at the Warradjar Aboriginal Cultural Central which was very interesting.  We learnt that it's okay for an aboriginal to paint over somebody else's rock art but not okay to touch up or add too somebody else's painting as the spirits will get very mad.  

On next day we did the Sunrise Yellow River breaky cruise.  An amazing tour with some beautiful scenery. Our guide was fantastic and really new his stuff; from birds to crocs and also plant life.  We got to see some crocs and even followed one with the boat. Nate kept to the centre of the boat most of the time as he was worried that everybody being on one side might tip the boat and the croc's would get him.   

Breakfast was delicious I kept going for more and more. They had everything you could think of, bacon, eggs, sausages, baked beans, hash browns, yogurt, cereal, coffee, tea, bread and fruit just to name a few. I couldn`t stop eating.  It was the best breakfast I have had in a while. By Nate

Our accommodation at Cooinda was first class, not exactly what we had expected. We had noticed the Territorian's like to use the word "resort" a lot. However, on this occasion, our park actually was a resort. While the van sites were still largely dirt, the resort had two pools, one with a waterfall, a restaurant and a bar that traded all day. We made sure we made use of all these facilities.

One of the many termite hills. This one is on the larger size

Kind of says it all

Wild pigs in action

In the pool at Gagudju Resort Cooinda (Kakadu)

Yellow Water cruise

You can see the mist on the water

The illusive Azure kingfisher.  It seemed like we spent the whole  cruise looking for this beautiful bird

Nourangie rock art


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