Thursday, 26 July 2012

Jabiru (by Nate) - 24/07/12 to 26/07/12

Today we drove to Jabiru. It was an incredibly short drive only 52km. We are staying at a really cool caravan park. I really like it because it has an awesome pool and a pool table. We made some friends that we played pool with every afternoon.

On our second day here we went to some aboriginal rock art, but my real highlight of Jabiru was the Guluyambi cruise. We had aboriginal guides and they were terrific. They knew so much about the land and the animals. In total we saw 19 crocodiles on the boat trip and I spotted 7 of them. Our aboriginal guides even allowed us to go over to Arnhemland (aboriginal land) where they showed us spear throwing. I didn`t know it was possible to throw the spears as far as they did. I reckon they threw the spears over 50m.   

Setting off on a walk at Kakadu

Aboriginal art work
More paintings

Kakadu landscape

View out into Arnhemland

Guluyambi cruise and some of the wildlife (below)

Staying safely in the boat

Rock formations in Arrhemland

Going ashore in Arnhemland

The guides putting on their spear throwing show

Cahills Crossing from Kakadu into Arnhemland. Tide is currently too high and running too fast to cross. You don't want to get the crossing wrong as the crocs are just there in the water waiting.

At the top of the tide the water is flowing very fast from left to right, or from the Arafura Sea down the river. When it drops a bit the flow of the water reverses.

This is close enough boys
Cahills Crossing when it is safe to cross. Note the tide is now flowing from right to left.

"Loser shouts the drinks!"

The boy has all the shots

At the pool after a hard day touristing

All the boys, nice and relaxed

Brotherly love

I hope Lord Voldemort is not hidden under there

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