Sunday, 15 July 2012

Wycliffe Well/ Devils Marbles 12/7/12 to 13/7/12

We have just spent two nights in the UFO capital of Australia, Wycliffe Well, which is just down the road from the Devils Marbles. The caravan park was very quirky, based around the alien theme. Alien paintings, statues and structures everywhere. The toilets were referred to as the “femaliens” and  “maliens” . It also has a UFO conference centre. The road house was full of newspaper clippings of alien sightings etc and also had the biggest selection off beers outside Dan Murphy’s. That was very unexpected - perhaps aliens like variety! 

We were a bit concerned on what sort of caravan park we would find in the middle of nowhere.  It turned out quite nice with some grass for the boys to kick the footy on and nice facilities.  We had some spare time to relax and the boys did some school work. There was also plenty of animal life donkeys, cockatoos and emus.  I was a bit worried that we wouldn’t be able to get to sleep as the donkeys and cockatoos were very noisy during the day. That wasn’t a problem. In the end the real concern was alien abduction while walking to the toilet in the early hours.  I really was scared even with a torch and a clove of garlic (woops oh no that’s vampires).

The Devils Marbles were amazing.  There were a lot more of them than what we expected.  The area was once a solid granite mound which has taken 1,500 million years of wind and rain erosion to form the Marbles we see today. 

The weather as warmed up even more overnight and we slept with all of the windows and the vents opened for the first time on the trip.  We have also moved all winters clothes to the back and summer clothes to the front. 

We are currently heading for Daly Waters for dinner.  Driving 535 k’s for a steak and a show. Doug’s quite proud as he has just overtaken his first caravan. It’s good to find somebody travelling slower than us.  Everyone else out here who is towing a van seems to be driving turbo diesel Landcruisers and they go round you like you are going backwards.

Seems like every town wants to stand out for something. This is Wycliffe Well's reason.

Two aliens and Nathan. Just kidding, the one on the right is actually Jacob.

Not sure of the alien connection, but the Hulk was also there

However, the ATM was not handing out any earth money. I didn't try for another planet as there seemed little point.

That's a big sheet of paper if I don't say so myself

Jacob and some bird


Some of the paintings around the park

Toilets - as mentioned above

At last we now know what happened.

Devils Marbles

No it's not an alien hand

Confirmation of the passing manouevre. 


  1. Hi guys, I have loved looking at your latest snapshots from Uluru and north from there- brings back memories, though very jealous you were able to climb the rock as we had windy weather and it was closed. It is specttacular country , with lots of quirky sites.
    Great to see photos of the cutlers. it looked like you had a great time together. Tell them we said hi if you chat with them.
    Isn't it great to start getting rid of the winter clothing. Unfortuately we are starting to layer it on and while I am seriously thinking of getting beanies and uggies, Darren keeps bugging me to go back to Broome!
    At the moment we are in Canarvon after 2 weeks at a beach camp called Point Quobba.Have done 5 loads of washing and restocking on food/fuel/water. Leaving here for shark bay/monkey mia tomorrow.
    Keep having the best time :) Tanya

  2. Great to here from you. Yes it was great to catch up with the Cutlers. We may see them again as they are also heading to Darwin, they are about 2 days behind us at the moment. Are you still going to head home for sept? Talk soon Vick Ps we are currently in Bitter Springs and having a nice break. Of to check out Mataranka thermal pools now. So will say good bye until next chat.

    Vick x