Saturday, 14 July 2012

Kings Canyon 3/7/12 to 5/7/12

From Yulara we headed to Kings Canyon with the Cutlers.   We were on the road very early to make sure we secured a powered site at Kings Canyon Station as they didn’t take bookings.

Kings Canyon was very windy there with lots of red dirt. Once again the only grass was on tent sites and not much of it.  I am a little over the red dirt.  It even manages to gets inside my socks and everything that comes out of the wash is still red, especially the socks.

We went for a short walk along Kings Canyon Creek to the water hole.  There were some amazing rock formations.  You can quite clearly see the layers of sedimentation.   Kids had fun scrambling over the rocks.
We had a fire for two of the nights we were there, a few drinks and laughs with the kids entertaining us.  Kids toasted marshmallows around the fire. The marshmallows cost $5 for a small bag, and with petrol  at $2.30 a litre and a cup of coffee $7, we couldn’t afford to stay too long.

One day we tackled what they call the rim walk.  Basically you are climbing up the cliff face then walking all around the edge/rim of the canyon.  Very spectacular, also a bit hairy in spots.  The whole walk is unfenced with sheer drops. It’s best to stay back from the edge although every now and then we were tempted to have a peck over.  The rim walk is undoubtedly the highlight of Kings Canyon.

One our last day there the Cutlers left for Alice Springs and we basically hung out in the van doing school work and watching movies as it was blowing red dirt everywhere.  We did do a walk up to the look out and checked out the camels, then back to hide in the van.  

The Creek Walk

Alizah, Zara, Jacob, Levi and Nathan

Layers of sedimentation

Collecting firewood (legally of course)

Hurry up and get this loaded

Marshmellows in the fire

Not sure what the point of this is?

Kids putting on a show around the fire

State of Origin broadcast. Nothing else matters. Score was Qld 21 NSW 20 in case you missed it.

The climb up Kings Canyon rim walk

Then kids decided to take the more difficult way to the top

This is really out there on the edge

And again

Looking down on a sheer 200 metre plus drop. Only way to approach  it

He is so brave!

Planking Kings Canyon style

Garden of Eden. No that's not Adam and Eve

This is what you walk around

Jacob, Levi and Nathan. Successfully completed the rim walk.

Back at Kings Creek Station where we stayed

This is the playground at the caravan park! They do things a bit different out here

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