Sunday, 15 July 2012

Glen Helen 6/7/12 to 7/7/12

We left Kings Canyon for Alice Springs however, at the last minute we decided to go on to Glen Helen, which is 130 k’s west of Alice in the MacDonnell Ranges.  The drive out there reminded us of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia as they are similar in shape and colour.  

We had one full day there checking out all of the different gorges and the Ochre Pits.  On our last afternoon we sat on the back verandah at the resort (they use the term "resort" very loosely in central Australia) and had a few drinks as we overlooked the wall of the Glen Helen Gorge. Very relaxing and enjoyable.

MacDonnell Ranges

The gorge wall at Glen Helen Gorge

Sunset on MacDonnell Ranges

Serpentine Gorge

Overlooking Serpentine Gorge

It's amazing how much grip you can get through your toes

The boys checking out the drop

The Ochre Pits. This is where the aboriginals gather the coloured rock to  make their body paints

It's kind of like an early day paint shop

Ormiston Gorge

Down in Ormiston Gorge. Our favourite

Skimming stones in Ormiston Gorge

Showing them all how it's done (while trying not to pop a shoulder)

Walk along creek bed to Redbank Gorge

Redbank Gorge

If you look hard there is a rock wallaby under the tree

(Very) happy hour

View from our van

 I’m ready for the big smoke now - bring on Alice

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